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   Chapter 115

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"Have you seen it clearly now? Can I leave now? " Yana was about to leave.

However, Avril stopped her again and sneered, "How rude you are! Do you think you can be the No.1? Do you think I'm easily replaced by you? Don't even think about it! You are just a bitch who climbed into Mr. Albert's bed with a little dirty tricks. I don't know what tricks you have used to make Mr. Albert invite Mrs. Bella here! I just hope that you can find your Mr. Albert's support. Otherwise, when a sinking ship leaves, you will lose everything! '! You'd better take this opportunity to flatter Mr. Albert. Don't lose everything! "

"Thank you for your warning, Miss Avril. But I don't think I need it! You'd better give this warning to others! Besides, you also know the relationship between me and Mr. Albert. If I tell you what you have said to me and your attitude to Mr. Albert, do you think he will do something to you for me, a pampered flirtatious woman now? "

"What How dare you threaten me! " Avril pointed at Yana with a trembling finger, but she didn't dare to say anything disrespectful. She had to shake off her arm, turn around and leave.

Seeing that Avril was so angry but could not vent her anger, Nancy could not help but exclaim "Great! "! "Yana, do you know how happy I am! Oh my God! Y

to eat anything when he was so mad? After grabbing the car key, he slammed the door and left without even changing his clothes.

She stood alone in the kitchen, staring blankly at the back of Albert, wondering if she had said something wrong to make him angry. This moody man! 'Fine! You don't want to eat, just don't eat it. I don't want to cook it! '!

Yana threw the spoon in the pan heavily, turned around and went to the bathroom to take a shower. She fell asleep on the bed without eating anything.

She woke up at midnight because she was so hungry that her stomach twitched. It was cold at night in such a hot weather. She didn't want to go out and find something to eat because of the heat in bed, so she fell asleep drowsily. As a result, before she fell asleep, the bed beside her suddenly sank, and there was a strong smell of alcohol in her breath.

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