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   Chapter 114

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4112

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The two sisters came in, talking and laughing. The moment they entered the gate, they saw a group of people clustered around a beautiful lady. Yana took a look at them and quickly pulled Nancy aside, trying to dodge the crowd. Seeing that Yana was scared, Nancy asked in a low voice, "What's wrong with you, Yana? That person... Who is she? "

Seeing this, Yana hastily pulled one of Nancy's hands, signaling for her to keep silent and to dodge the crowd's eyes. However, when she tried to move away, a person who was surrounded by many people suddenly looked back at her. Startled, Yana trembled and walked up to that person. With a smile, she greeted, "Mrs. Bella, nice to meet you! "

"Hi, Yana! I didn't know that you would perform as the heroine! No wonder Albert asked me, a person who haven't shot a movie in ten years, to come here to support you! "

"What What do you mean? "

"Don't you know? This time, I'm the director of The Heroine. And Mr. Henry is the deputy director. In order to help you this time, Albert has released the news without any consideration before letting us know. Now, I'm forced to help you. Albert got even harshly scolded by his father for that! I've never seen him being so interest

king too much. 'Just play it by ear. '! She was well aware of what kind of person he was. Who knew what he would do to embarrass her then! But she was just an item that he had bought. How could he be reluctant to leave her?

Her eyes were filled with sorrow and she couldn't help feeling unhappy. But why was she unhappy? 'Don't care, don't care... '

Taking a deep breath, Yana changed into a bright smile and strode forward. However, after walking a few steps, they met Avril.

Yana frowned. How small the world could be! She sighed and tried to walk away, but heaven was not willing to. Avril stopped her. Raising her eyebrows, Yana looked into her eyes and demanded, "Miss Avril, get out of my way! "

"I must block your way. What can you do? I just want to see what's so special about our future sister. "

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