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   Chapter 113 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4216

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Holding Nancy's hand tightly, Yana said, "Nancy, I was so nervous just now! Lots of people have gathered around me and bombarded me with lots of questions. I feel like I can't breathe! "

"Don't worry. You did a great job just now. I even can't believe what you just said! Yana, don't worry. Although the entertainment circle is very messy, you don't have to worry too much as Albert will support you. Nothing will happen. You just keep striding forward, and don't worry about the mess of the big strides later, because someone will collect them for you! Do you know how many women in the entertainment circle want to be supported by Mr. Albert but failed! But as long as Mr. Albert said that, they would definitely take countless bills! So, Yana, let's have a good time! "

"But I still hope to use my real level to conquer them. Otherwise, I think if I stay here, one day I will wither! The entertainment circle was always a place full of metabolism. If you didn't have any special features, you would continue to follow the way you used to do and be driven out by this generation of talents! Therefore, I must rely on my own strength to advance step by step. Although Mr. Albert helped me with my career and I'm very glad that he has helped me a lot,

"Bye." Yana hung up the phone. Nancy, who was sitting next to Yana, couldn't help but get goose bumps when she heard their conversation.

"Yana, don't you two treat each other so well? Who do you want to be envious of? "

"I have no choice. Joe is in such a bad condition now. What I can do is to pay more attention to his health. After all, he is my only relative in the world! I don't want to lose this only one family member again I envy you more. If my brother can be as healthy as yours and angry with me every day, I will be thankful! "

"Come on! You will go crazy if you have a brother like that!" Seeing Nancy's exaggerated gesture, Yana burst into laughter.

"But at least you two have a lot of choices for the entertainment! Please just be happy! Don't take your undeserved gain for granted! " Yana said with a smile.

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