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   Chapter 111 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3939

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Looking up at the sky with a headache, he felt distressed for no reason. He smoothed his messy hair and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up. He put on his clothes and walked towards the bed. Looking at the sweet Yana lying on the bed, he furrowed his eyebrows, turned around and left.

Silence returned to the room.

She didn't know how long she had slept when her phone rang. This time, her phone rang again. She took the phone and found it was a call from Nancy. She answered the phone and said vaguely, "Hello, Nancy. What's wrong?"

"My lady, why are you still sleeping? Look at the time! Get up quickly. I'm on the way to blue water bay. The press conference will be held soon. Director Henry called me and asked me to invite you to the conference! Your role has been set, Yana! "

"Really? I'll get up right now! " After hanging up the phone, Yana sprang to her feet and dashed into the bathroom to get changed. Ten minutes later, when she walked downstairs, Nancy was there as well. With a large backpack, she ran towards the door with her holding Yana's hand.

All the reporters were waiting outside the conference hall for the first-hand information. Y

y and Avril... " After that, he read a long list of names, but everyone's attention was attracted by the man and the woman leading role.

"May I ask why Mr. Henry decided to use Yana this time? Was there any inside story? As far as we know, actors like Tracy and Avril are all more capable than Yana, and more popular with the audience. But why do you choose such a partner? Will it be risky? "

"Yana is a good actress. I believe all the audience will like this hard-working and promising girl if they had saw her play 'The wind and rain in Shanghai city' I'm sure I made a right decision, and my director Mrs. Bella has believed that she had picked up any of the actors herself. I hope you can support Yana. Whether it is a success or failure, then let's see the final result! "

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