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   Chapter 110 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3703

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This time, he was full of rage. He didn't control himself or have mercy on her at all. He just let himself out freely. He didn't care about Yana at all.

Yana was depressed. Did she say something wrong? Why was this man so angry! Did he hope the toy he bought would have some affection for him? Or he just liked to be dependent on his private belongings, and all those things were under his control! But Yana wouldn't just sit back and do nothing. She knew the so-called toy could only be loved for a while by its owner, not a lifetime! Sooner or later, she would be tired of being played by him, and she would be abandoned by him. So, she couldn't lose her face and heart now!

'I don't fall in love with him! I don't fall in love with him!'! It can't be!

Even under such a circumstance, Yana wouldn't feel relaxed at all. As she stared at the man, she felt that she was slowly drifting away from him

The whole dinner ended up with Yana's big failure. Unknowingly, Yana fell asleep in his arms. Even though she was fast asleep, she still had sex with him as she knew that he didn't let her of

You brat! Our fight is not over yet! " After that, the man over the phone roared and hung up the phone, leaving Albert in a thin vest standing on the balcony in the cold wind. He looked at his mobile phone with a black screen speechlessly. His father was always a bad tempered man. He wondered how his gentle mother could bear such a long time!

Albert sighed and turned to look at Yana, who was still sleeping in the bed. She looked exhausted.

He really didn't know how to face Yana. The shadow that appears in front of his eyes from time to time is his wordless pain. He knows that he will never forget it! But it didn't seem to be fair to Yana. He wasn't willing to give up This contradictory mentality really broke Albert down!

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