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   Chapter 103

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4609

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He picked up the document and looked at it carefully. Then he raised his head and gave it to Yana before saying, "Have a look at it. "

Shocked, Yana pointed at her nose before putting down her hand and taking the paper. "Sign the contract? "These words surprised her. Who do you want to sign? Are you going to work in the Expected Film Company? "

Raising the corner of his lips, he replied, "Yes! I have thought about it for a long time, and I think you are a rare talent. You are so popular and very popular with your first movie. I think you will have a bright future! With an investment in our Ricky International, we hope that the important actress of this year can be the leading actress and take the responsibility for the leading role. So... If you sign this contract, our Expected Film Company will naturally attach importance to you, the new generation of actors. So you can think about it! "

"Wow, Expected Film Company is the best one in A Country! If I could sign the contract, it would be the best! Thank you, Mr. Albert! Thank you for giving me this opportunity! "

"Do you want to sign it or not? "

"Fine, fine, I'll sign it, okay? " The document caught her attention. But she didn't even take a look at it. She took the pen and signed her name on the paper. Then she closed the document and handed it to Albert.

Smiling, he handed the paper t

hy for me. Instead, she beat and scolded me! If Mr. Albert hadn't seen it, I would have been killed by her! "

"What? It can't be true? She was the well-known lady in the film and television circle now! She was always wearing a graceful and sweet smile on her face in the TV series. How could she treat her assistant like this in private? Are you okay? "

"I'm fine. But there are so many rumors about Avril Yu. She was scolded by John like a dog. Moreover, she has been forbidden to attend many activities! However, as the superstar of the company, she could still continue to act. They just managed to forbid her from attending some activities for warning! That's why I was saved by Mr. Albert. I had a good time in the company. It was not until yesterday that John told me that he would arrange a new actress for me. I'm scared to death. If she was like Avril Yu, I'll be miserable! But fortunately not! Haha! "

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