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   Chapter 101 love at first sight

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Looking at her as if she was some kind of monster, he said, "Yana, don't you feel ashamed?"

Yana didn't agree with him. She widened her eyes and asked, "Mr. Albert, don't you know that the most popular dish nowadays is disk? Now the most shameful thing is to waste! Don't think that you have ordered too much and you will be very generous if you can't finish the rest. You are very rich. But do you think you have a very high status? I was wrong! In fact, it is most shameful to be extravagant and waste like this! Waiter, pack them up! " Thumping the table, Yana was calm.

Hearing that, Albert sighed with relief. A waiter came over with a few delicate boxes. He stood beside Yana with a smile and said, "Miss, let's pack the boxes for you."

"Wow, what a big packing? It was so delicate! It would be very expensive if we buy it in the market. "

"Yes, my lady. The disk is still very popular. So the owner of the restaurant used this delicate lunch box to encourage the customer to take the package. On the one hand, our diners have money now, and we can afford it. On the other hand, this action will also encourage many people. " The waiter put the rest of the food into several big boxes and handed them to Yana with a smile.

"Your boss is really good at doing business! Your business will

now and they don't have much time left for us... "

Hearing what Yana said, there were complex feelings in his heart. The gloomy expression in Yana's eyes deeply touched his heart. She also felt it was a pity not to get any chance to take good care of Lord Nalan His parents were no longer the same age as they had been. They were already in their fifties, and there really wasn't much time for them to wait anymore. In addition, their elder brother It was his parents' first child, but at this critical moment, it was announced that death was coming Could his parents bear such a big blow? What his second and third elder brothers had said were still ringing in his ears. Would his current look really make his parents feel that they had no son like him? His brother was leaving soon. Would his reaction make his parents feel that they would lose their second son again?

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