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   Chapter 99 love at the first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3046

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When they walked out of the club, Albert held Yana tightly in his arms. The white towel wrapped her body tightly, and his broad suit wrapped her body closely, revealing only her small and beautiful face.

The moment John caught sight of Albert, who was still holding Yana's arm, he flung the door open and let him in. The door was closed. John sat on the passenger seat, and the car started slowly. Watching his lover having a sound sleep in his arms, John said, "Mr. Albert, we haven't done what we should do today."

"No hurry! She was exhausted today. Just let her have a good rest! We'll talk about it tomorrow. "

"Yes, sir!" Said John, nodding his head. Then he gave another red invitation to Albert and said, "Mr. Albert, this is the invitation from A·N Group. How to deal with it?"

"The relationship between A-N Group and Ricky International has always been good. We haven't treated their

t all his heart and soul into the shower. She was so tired!

He carried Yana back to the bedroom and put her pajamas on. Then he went to the bathroom with his pajamas too.

What a beautiful scene when she woke up in the morning. Lying in Albert' arms, Yana slept leisurely. The sunshine came through the curtain and shone on the couple. They were covered with the sunshine. It was so beautiful that it looked like a quiet painting. Yana opened her eyes and looked at the man under her. He had a handsome face, a high nose and sexy thin lips Allure, charm, charm of a handsome man in the early morning!

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