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   Chapter 97 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4145

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"She's my mother, and it's normal that she loves me. But what about you, Yana? Why are you so kind to me? Is it not because you love me? " His eyes were filled with sadness, which made Yana's heart ache.

With a bitter smile, Yana said, "who do you think I am? Did you give me the right to love you? 'Mr. Albert, you haven't done anything. Why do you still want to get it?'? I can't afford to lose my body again, nor my heart? I can never get in your heart, so I won't let it! "

Yana sniffed and picked up the apple stained with blood. She took a small bite and savored the crispy apple. It tasted sour, sweet and delicious. "Apple is delicious. I used to like eating apples, but they were too expensive for me. I'm satisfied with the occasionally granted by you. "

"Yana, I don't think I can give you what you want, but I think my brother's words make sense."

"So you choose to compromise?" Yana smiled bitterly, tears streaming down her face. "There's no need for that. I always remember my identity. I am the thing you bought. The time of three months is not up yet. You still have the right to use me. If you really think it's worth it, please wait for me to finish my infusion and I'll leave with you. "

"I didn't mea

t of the ward. But there was no one in the empty corridor. Where was he? Shouldn't he be outside? Or did he really leave?

I'm an insignificant person. Why did you ask Albert to wait for me outside? It was ridiculous of her dream!

With a mocking smile, Yana limped out, clutching her wrist. However, just after a few steps, a man came up. It was John, and his name was John Wang!

John bowed to Yana and said, "Mrs. Yana, it was Mr. Albert who asked me to pick you up. Your discharge formalities are all completed. This way, please! " Then he bent down and gestured for Yana to leave.

Yana didn't say anything else and left with John. After getting in the car, John sat on the passenger seat and directed the driver to drive. Looking at the unfamiliar street, Yana frowned and asked, "Mr. John, where are we going?"

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