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   Chapter 96 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4021

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Yana was totally confused. What on earth did he mean? Was it true that the man who sent her to the hospital yesterday was Albert? But how could that be? Why was he here? Did he really come for her? But she had already been in his heart, hadn't she? How could he be reluctant to part with a thing he had bought? It must be a lie made by Moore! It can't be otherwise! '!

"It's impossible! Don't make fun of me, please! It's not funny at all!"

Moore looked at her with a half smile, "how do you know that I'm joking? Who are you wishing for in your heart? If you didn't think the same as me, how could you say something like that? Miss Yana, please open your eyes and look at yourself. You are hoping for your husband, aren't you? 'Yana, why don't you admit that you've been expecting him? It was indeed Albert. He waited for you downstairs for a long time yesterday, but you didn't come. When he turned around, he found that you had fainted, so he sent you to the hospital. Otherwise, who else do you think would have saved your life and sent you to such a remote hospital? "

Moore's words caused a deep frown on Yana's forehead. He sighed, "maybe I was too impatient. Yana, I think you unde

d from the drawer, gently wiped off the blood on his finger and put it on the cut carefully, as if afraid of hurting it.

He looked at Yana's serious face, frowning. Gradually, a warm stream ran through his heart. After the band aid was done, Yana looked up at him with the utmost tenderness in his eyes. Her heart skipped a beat, and she couldn't help but sink into the tender mire.

"Albert Mr. Albert, how could you Why are you looking at me like this? Is there anything on my face? "

All of a sudden, he pulled Yana into a tight hug and shook his head. "You're so beautiful! "Yana, you know what? No one in the world could be so kind to me except my mother! Yana, you're the second, really the second! "

"She is your mother. Of course she will love you very much. Why is it so strange?"

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