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   Chapter 94 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3966

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Being pushed out of the bus, Yana almost fell to the ground. She stood up sullenly, turned around and glared at the bus that gradually went away. She thought to herself, 'are people all so bad now? 'what's wrong with me? I've been squeezed out twice. What a bad luck!' she thought!

As she limped along the dilapidated alley, Yana took out her phone to check it, but to her disappointment, it was still empty.

In fact, she shouldn't be distracted by what Moore said, because she should never pay attention to Albert. Otherwise, she would not look at her cell phone from time to time, or she would not feel flustered at any time. She had never felt that way just for waiting for someone. Did she really hope that he would come to her? But no matter what she thought, the figure had never appeared.

After two days, he should have known what had happened that night. If he really wanted to get her back, he should have come earlier? But why didn't he show up till now? Was she really nothing to him?

She should have known it, shouldn't she? Why do I have to make myself feel that it's very important? She was nothing to him She shouldn't have let her imagination run wild, s

little fool, you don't need to feel guilty? You are my brother! You're still a kid. I'm your guardian. Besides, as elder sister's mother, I am responsible for this. You don't need to feel guilty, because this is my duty. My responsibility! Joe, I believe that if I am the one lying on the bed today, you will also like me to sacrifice everything for my life, instead of just ignoring it. Do you think so? So, Joe, it has nothing to do with you that I fainted this time. So if you dare say anything to blame yourself, I will really be angry! "

"Yana If you didn't want to save money to treat my disease, or if you didn't want to buy me nutritionists, how could you make yourself so weak to pass out? Please don't hurt yourself like this again? Anyway, I need you to have a good health. "

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