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   Chapter 93 love at first sight

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4071

Updated: 2020-01-14 00:32

Yana pushed them away and said, "This is outrageous! In order to wait for you and make you not arrive late, I opened the door of the elevator again and let you come in? If I didn't allow you to get in the elevator, how could my foot get hurt? If my feet were not injured, I would not have been late, nor would I have been frequently injured in today's training! Yes, I'm a burden to you. But please think about it yourself. If you can think about others, how can I get injured and drag you down? In the final analysis, it's because you don't understand your modesty! "

Everyone was embarrassed by Yana's words. But one of the girls wasn't convinced and protested, "what are you shouting for? It's your fault, how dare you say it's our fault! In the entertainment circle, if you don't know how to play tricks with others, you will lose all your life! Yana, it's none of your business? You forced us to take the elevator. Did we force you to do that? You hurt your ankle because you didn't protect yourself well! It's all because of you! You should be taught that giving in will only help others move forward no matter what kind of situation you are in! Humph! " After saying that, Tracy waved her hair, turned around an

f the hospital? I really want to see what she looks like! Why didn't you stop her? Last time you bought things for her and you left them in your car. Why don't you give them back to her now? We don't know when we will meet next time. "

"Never mind. If fate brought us together, we would meet again. Besides, I have known who she is. She is so popular now. It's hard not to know that! It was hard to imagine that she was still so down and out when they met the other day By the way, she must be invited! "

"But young master, she hasn't officially signed with any agency yet. Who should we send the invitation to?"

"How about sending it to Mr. Brian. They have filmed a movie together before, so they should be in touch. "

"Yes, young master."

As he spoke, he took a turn and drove off the street.

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