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   Chapter 90

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Outside the door, Brian and Moore were walking in. On seeing them, Loren waved his hand and greeted. However, as soon as he waved his hand, Albert saw them too. He frowned slightly and forced one of his arms to beat Loren on his chest. "You bastard! How dare you betray me! "

A sharp pain came from his chest. He covered his chest and frowned. "I'm worried that you might get drunk and commit suicide here. Just like what happened a few years ago. Uh I gotta go. Have a nice chat with them. " With these words, Loren, yawning, walked towards them and whispered in the ears of Moore and Brian, "Take good care of him. I'm leaving now. Call me if you need anything! "

They nodded to each other, and then Loren walked out of the bar. Moore and Brian walked over to him. Before they could say anything, they sat next to Albert. Each of them took two bottles of vodka from him, and there were only six bottles left in front of Albert in an instant. Watching the two uninvited and rude guys in front of him, he was speechless and said, "Hey, this is my wine. If you two want to drink it, please buy yourself at the bar counter!"

"Ah, I am poor. I don't have any money, so I have to drink with my brother! " With a mocking smile on his face,

is strong, and so is his sister. I have always admired his sister who is as strong as herself. Even though a man is not capable of taking such a huge risk, she could bear it as such a weak girl. Her brother is seriously ill. Most people will give up the treatment unless they have enough time, energy or even money to look after patients who are seriously ill. She had decided to give up a lot for her brother, but she still chose to persist, not to give up. She said that because he was her only family. No matter how cruel the world was, she would never forget what she had come across. That person was her family, and no matter what happened, it couldn't be changed. Even if she give up everything, she can't give up her dearest people, because they share the same blood, no matter what happens, they will never be separated. "

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