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   Chapter 89

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3903

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However, no matter how the news spread, it seemed that he didn't care about it at all, let alone the other members of the Cheng's family, because As long as he was happy!

However, what they didn't know was that the more indifferent and indulgent they were to him, the more he felt like he was the redundant person in this family! He hoped that someone at home would scold him, think that he broke the reputation of his family, and even beat and scold him like others did But none of these, nothing!

No matter what he had suffered or what he had done, no one cared, as if he was the last person to stay here. He was a man who was abandoned

It was the biggest surprise in his life that he met Yana! If he hadn't gone to the lux bar that night, he wouldn't have met Yana and gotten the chance to buy her, then they wouldn't have lived happily ever after.

During that period of time, for so many years, except when he was a child, he never had such a feeling. He hadn't had this feeling for a long time since he left the villa. But today, he felt that he was at home, and he was really happy.

He was really afraid of losing this feeling, so he couldn't bear it

me wine! "

Loren shook his head helplessly and got up to fetch his wine. But it wasn't all about mere drinking. He made a phone call to Brian and Moore by the way, "Hey, Moore, Mr. Albert of your family are going to drink to death here. Are you going to help them? He ordered ten bottles of vodka. Hurry up. I don't care if he'll drink to death in my bar. "

"Okay, I see. I'll be there soon! " After hanging up the phone, Moore, who had already been lying in bed, ready to sleep, got dressed and drove fast to the lux bar. At the door of the lux bar, there was Brian who also came in a hurry. They looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and walked inside.

Loren sat next to Albert, watching as he drank vodka one cup after another. He shuddered at the thought.

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