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   Chapter 87

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"Really? She is so awesome? What kind of power did she have? Even Mary was kicked down by her! "

"Who knows? She might have sex with some big boss again! This kind of thing is very rare in our social circle? She is so arrogant that I don't know how she could be so coquettish in front of her sugar daddy! She must be very charming, so her voice could penetrate through the bulletproof glass! Why would a woman like her perform as heroine? "

"I've told you it's a casting couch? We can find a substitute then. "

"But he never allows a substitute into his play, except those who could make him afraid! But he was the most famous director in the whole industry. Who could make him afraid? Except the four young masters of the Cheng clan! "

"Then let's wait and see! "

The dance studio was full of whispers. But it seemed that Yana didn't hear them at all. She indifferently pulled out her phone to read the time and slowly lured it by the energy drink. Although she said she didn't care, in fact she did care about it!

Putting down the cellphone silently, taking a deep breath with her eyes closed. After taking a short rest, the physique teacher clapped and told them to go back to the group for training.

The training didn't come to an end until one o'clock in the afternoon. Exhausted, Yana went

ways be engraved in his heart and would never change. That was the purest love in his life. He didn't want to be contaminated by any garbage. Undoubtedly, Yana was the dust! He had carefully saved the memories, he had been concealing at the bottom At this moment, like a gust of wind, it disappeared like smoke, completely exposed to the sun.

Her words touched his heart! It was at this moment that he began to wake up to face his own feelings.

During the years, he kept paralyzing his nerves with alcohol after Betty's leaving. Then he kept going through all the women around him to seek comfort and pleasure from them. However, no matter how he paralyzed himself, it was only a temporary pleasure. Now everything he cared was in front of him, and he realized what he had done was a mistake! He could never forget her, never! It was a brand, deeply engraved in his heart!

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