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   Chapter 86

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At this moment, her phone rang in the pocket. Yana drew back her eyes from the screen of her phone and took it over. "Hello, Mr. Henry, what's up? "

"Yana, I told you that you would attend a training in the company at half past nine. It's ten o'clock now. Why haven't you come yet? Is there something wrong? "

Mr. Henry's words brought back Yana's memories. She apologized to Mr. Henry, "I'm sorry, Mr. Henry. I'm leaving now. "

How could she forget such an important thing! She called Joe again and called a taxi to the company. "Hello, Joe. I'm sorry that I can't go back now. Our director called me to attend a training right now, so I have to go there right now. "

"It doesn't matter, Yana. Your career is still very important. Don't worry about me here. Mr. Moore treats me very well and takes good care of me, so you can rest assured. Work hard. Come on! "

"Yes. " Moved, Yana hung up the phone and held her phone around her chest, smiling. She felt very happy to have such a brother. Although he might be in poor health, as long as he encouraged her, it was worthwhile to do anything! She would be happy if she had lived a hard life all her life.

She put her phone away with relief and hurried to the company. Mr. He

en if Mr. Henry was very famous, he couldn't allow her to act the female lead, right? She is just a new comer with no experience at the beginning of her career. How could she influence the record of the box office? "

"You are right! Then who do you think will be the leading actress this time? We have so many people here. Who do you think is the most likely? "

"I don't know yet. It seems that we all have the chance! "

"Yes, we are much better than her! We had been in this industry for a long time. If we can't catch up with her, we can't work in this circle! Oh, I remember that Mary has been invited? It's said that in the TV play called The wind and rain in Shanghai city, Mary acted as the female supporting role, but later, somehow, she was switched to another actress. She even didn't dare to lose her temper! "

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