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   Chapter 81

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She opened the rusty iron lock and the house was filled with the smell of dust. Yes, she hadn't been back to this shabby cottage for more than a month. In that luxurious house, she seemed to have forgotten that there was such a home.

But now she had woken up from her dream. Although it was already past midnight, she still would take off her crystal shoes and become Cinderella who could only curl up in the darkness and sleep in the dust. And the dream of Cinderella turning into the snow white princess could only be in her dream and in fairy tales, but it would never exist in the reality like what the ordinary girl like Yana was, who was even inferior to the leaves under the big trees...

Gasped. Pulling herself together. Carefully, she put on a coverall and gloves, and began cleaning the room. Actually there was nothing to clean it. The house just covered an area of less than 50 square meters and was split by several board. There were two small rooms in it. One surrounded by sunshine was Joe's and the other was the dark room of Yana. The small space outside was a simple living room and dining room. The balcony was changed to the kitchen, so there was nothing to clean.

She only took the dust away, cleaned up her own room, and then fell on the big bed without taking a shower. She stared at the ceiling with he

ch a good cook No wonder you can keep your brother so chubby. He's so cute! "

"Mr. Moore... Have you had breakfast? I still have another one. How about you eat it? "

Smiling, Moore waved his hands and said, "No, thanks. I've already had breakfast. It's only one hour, so I'm not hungry now. "

"Okay. " She smiled awkwardly and stood aside. The man really gave her the feeling that he was just Albert, but the warm one. "Mr. Moore, have you... Do you have any brothers or sisters? I think you look like someone! "

"Yes. I have brothers and a cousin. I'm the second in the family. All my friends call me Mr. Moore! My third younger brother is called Brian. He is a famous star. He is just so handsome and brainless. My fourth younger brother's name is Albert, the current president of Ricky International. He is a cold man without any emotion. What's up? Is there anything wrong? "

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