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   Chapter 80

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Yana didn't think it was so cruel to hear this, but tears streamed down her cheeks. Suddenly, he turned to look at Yana, frowning at the tears on her face.

"Mr. Albert, did you find her? Then don't see me any more, okay? I don't want to leave here after I lose everything. I just want to keep my dignity. Thank you for showing me Pegasus. "

Yana wept. Suddenly, she reached out and wiped off the tears on her face. Then she grabbed Albert's hand and walked into the elevator. At the same time, Brian arrived. When he got out of the car and saw his brother's anxious look, he couldn't help but burst into laughter. Yana looked at him in confusion.

Brian smiled and said, "You don't know that this guy always looks serious as if he is the boss. It's very difficult to see him so down and out! Yana, you have something really special. How could you hurt him so badly! Yana, I really admire you! "

Yana sighed helplessly and said, "I see. " It turned out that only the woman can make Albert who was meticulous and would never change his mood be like this... "Mr. Brian, the person you want to worship is not me, but someone else! I'll leave now since I've given Mr. Albert to you. "

Then, she turned around and walked away. After she re

red wine.

So, love was the last thing we couldn't hold onto. It was just like how the cold-blooded and ruthless Albert became when it came to love, what about him? Therefore, he lived a happy life as a playboy. Anyway, anything happened in F Area and the family business had nothing to do with him, so he was happy to be free. If it's necessary, let him accept the marriage between politics and business. As long as he doesn't love her, he can marry her, 'Brian thought to himself!

He was drinking the red wine leisurely, as if everything was so relaxing in his world...

She went back to her old house which was decorated with green stone alley. Everything inside was simple but the shabby house made her feel a sense of belonging. Although it was old and shabby and not as luxurious as that apartment, it was her own home.

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