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   Chapter 79

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4013

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Yana stood there, watching Albert. There were many bustling passers-by, but neither of them had the slightest intention to make him reveal anxious look on his face. It might be that the dazzled figure of Betty had long disappeared with the bustling passers-by.

However, he didn't look desperate. He stood there, watching. Yana was so afraid that the woman would suddenly appear in front of him.

No matter how time changed or how people changed, she would always be remembered deeply in Albert's heart like a brand. Although it might be covered with a layer of dust. As time went by, it would still be as bright as new after a gust of wind blew.

Yana looked up at the sky and forced a bitter smile. It was as if Pegasus was in front of her, and he was smiling at her, she was so silly, weak... c

'What should I do, Albert? I love you so much, or I wouldn't be so painful when I see you right now. Now that your beloved woman is back, do I have no reason to stay by your side anymore? I should have known it earlier... I tried my best to persuade myself not to fall in love with you, but how could I... fall in love with you? Maybe I've been lonely for so many years. I'm moved that the

e... I just want to find someone to take care of him. Mr. Albert's mood is not very good tonight. He has been muddleheaded for a long time. I have something else to do tonight, so I can't stay and look after him. That's why I asked you for help. If you don't have time, I will solve this problem by myself. "

"Here is the thing... Fine. I'll be there in ten minutes. "

"Okay, thank you. " Hanging up the phone, Yana exhaled a deep breath. Then she turned to look at the man leaning against the door, who was frowning and kept silent. He seemed to have lost his soul and had no energy at all. "Mr. Albert, have a good rest tonight. Mr. Brian will pick you up later. I think it's useless for me to stay here now? I'm just a thing you bought. I have no right to feel your happiness or sorrow... "

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