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   Chapter 77

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"Really? " Embarrassed, Yana scratched her head.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to a seat. Then he seated himself opposite her as Yana sat down. With a wave of his hand, the waitress came over with a tray, and bent down respectfully. "Mr. Albert, what would you like to eat today? "

"It looks the same as before, but please don't put too much red pepper in the dish. "

"Yes, Mr. Albert. " The waitress took the order and walked out. Soon some appetizers were served.

He poured a glass of juice for Yana and a glass of red wine for himself. Then he raised his glass gracefully and looked at Yana, saying, "Yana, in order to celebrate your recovery, I wish you good health in the future. Don't go to the hospital any more. "

Yana raised her glass with a smile and clinked it with Albert's. Then she said, "It seems difficult to keep me away from the hospital. My brother is still in the hospital. I have to go to see him. But I can promise you, I will take good care of myself, I won't have the chance to get hurt again, I won't let myself get into the hospital because of my illness again. "

"Cheers! "

They drank up the drinks happily. Soon the waiter served several delicious dishes. Yana stared at the dishes on the table, frowning.

e of C City. Holding Yana's hand, he walked towards an astronomical telescope and said, "Do you want to see the stars in the sky? "

"What's so beautiful about the stars in the sky? I see the stars every day. And as long as the weather is good, we could see it when we look up. Why do we need to use the telescope? Rich people like you are wasting things! "

"Yes, you're right. We're good at wasting something, but we also know how to enjoy ourselves. I have earned so much money. If I don't spend it, I will only make money. How tired I will be? Don't worry, I won't keep any account for this time! "

Hearing this, Yana rolled her eyes. 'Well, this is how rich people squander their money! "Well, what do you want me to see today? "

Albert circled his arms around Yana's waist and adjusted the angle of the telescope. "Pegasus! "

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