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   Chapter 76

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It seemed that Yana had made up her mind. She heaved a sigh of relief and walked into Joe's ward with a smile. Joe was scrabbling on the computer with one hand. Seeing that Yana came in with a big smile on her face, he couldn't help asking, "Yana, what happened to you that makes you so happy? You are smiling so sweetly! "

"Of course! " Yana smiled and stroked his short hair. "Mr. Moore just told me that there's a way to save you. Are you happy? "

"Really? So many doctors are helpless for my condition. Can Mr. Moore really cure my illness? "

Yana nodded with a smile, which made Joe very happy too. Yana happily peeled an apple for him. They chatted happily for a while. Then, Yana received a call from Albert. He said that he was waiting outside the hospital to pick her up and take her away. Yana said goodbye to him and left the ward.

Albert parked his sports car outside the hospital. As soon as Yana got out of the hospital, she saw that. She opened the door and got into the car. She gave him a look happily. Without any hesitation, he drove the car onto the road. On the way, he asked, "What happened? Why are you so happy? "

"Yes, I'm very happy. Because Mr. Moore told me that there is still hope for my brother. I'm r


Crossing his arms, he looked at her and said happily, "The top floor was my father's design. That's Brian's uncle, who Brian just mentioned. On their honeymoon in Maldives, they once had dinner in a restaurant under the sea. My mother liked the design of it very much, but it was a difficult design, so my father had to design the open-air restaurant. Although the design was different from that, my mother also liked it, so my father didn't want to design the restaurant under the sea any more. "

"Wow... Restaurant under the sea? It must be very beautiful. The fishes swam around, like we were in a fish tank, and the fishes were tourists who came to see us. It must be a wonderful feeling! "

"I can't believe what you said is the same as what my mother said when she first had dinner at the restaurant under the sea! "

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