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   Chapter 75

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Yana nodded without a word. Her hands and feet were as cold as ice. Looking at her, Moore knew what she was thinking about. He smiled and said, "Miss Yana, do you know why I chose to study medical skills? My family is a respectable family in C City. We are powerful in politics and business. I was supposed to take over my father's company, but I chose a business which has nothing to do with my family! "

Yana looked at Moore and shook her head.

"Actually, my birth was just a well planned plan. I have a brother. My parents broke up before he was born. My mother was far away from my father. My father didn't even know that there was a brother. When my mother went away, my father thought that he couldn't find her anymore, so he had been sad for many years, but he had never been disappointed at her, because he loved her very much. Later, my mother suddenly appeared in front of my father, and deliberately approached my father, in such a situation, she had me. Do you know why my mom came back to visit my dad? "

Yana shook her head and widened her eyes in disbelief.

Moore smiled and said, "Because my brother suffers from congenital heart disease. He is different from normal heart disease. An ordinary heart disease is

if he see you happy, right? "

"…… Yes! But it would be better if I could take the pain for him! "

"There is no one in the world is perfect. "

"Thank you, Mr. Moore. I seem to understand something. I'll think about it again. Then I'll go first. "

"Okay. " Moore smiled warmly and soothed her.

Yana turned around and walked out of the room. 'Anyway, it's worth it to save my brother, 'she thought to herself! Although he might only have ten years of life, although he could not cry or laugh in the future, or even could not walk fast on the road, as long as he was alive, she felt that it was worth it no matter how hard it was for her! Joe, please don't blame me for my decision. I just want you to live. Only when you are alive can I have the motivation to live on. Otherwise, I really don't know how to live on.

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