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   Chapter 74

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"I know. Don't worry! "

As they were talking, his eyes lit up. He waved his hands behind Yana and she looked back. A handsome young man in a white coat walked towards them. Although she had seen many handsome doctors, the man was born with noble temperament, without any embarrassing in the slightest. His handsome face was sure to be a bit like Albert.

"Mr. Moore, are you here for me again? I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you about it. "

Moore smiled gently and said, "It doesn't matter. I can sit in the office all day long and it's good for me to go out occasionally. Joe, is this your sister? The super star, Yana? "

Yana smiled and shook hands with him. "Thank you for taking care of my brother these days, Mr. Moore. Thank you so much. "

"It doesn't matter. It's my duty to be a doctor. I've been waiting for you these days. I wanted to call you, but your brother said you were too busy, so I didn't disturb you. "

"Really? He isn't mature enough. He is seriously ill. Even if I am too busy, I have to come here to look after him. Mr. Moore, if you want to see me next time, just call me. It's okay. "

"Okay, I see. " Smiling, Moore t

. He had to live in a very quiet world, otherwise his life would be in danger. And the machine heart only had a lifespan of ten years! "Yana, you have to be prepared for this. It means that after the surgery, your brother's life can't have any fun anymore. "

Silence fell upon Yana's reply? If it was really like Moore said, her brother could not smile from now on, could not speak loudly, could not walk fast Then what is the pleasure of living? But if he didn't have the surgery, he would die

"Nothing is more important than his life. Although it's only ten years Mr. Moore, please keep it as a secret to Joe. He was such a cheerful and lively boy. I don't want to disappoint him. Thank you. "

"He will understand that you are protecting him! He is still young. "

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