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   Chapter 71

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4180

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"I think you two are quite familiar with each other since Mr. Brian spoke for Yana like that! "

"We work in the same set and we do a love scene. If we want to act two good friends, we need to get on well with each other in private. That's not surprising at all. If I have finished filming with the crew, but I'm not getting on well with them. It only proves that I'm really a jerk! "

"Then what do you think of your previous scandal with Mr. Brian? "

"I don't think so. As long as we are good friends, even if we aren't, we are just passers-by, we will help others whenever they need help. I also had a problem with my acting that day and passed out. I worked with Mr. Brian on the set that day. So when he saw that his partner fainted, he was such a gentleman and sent me to the hospital. I don't think it's strange. But I don't understand why people would say that we have something to do with each other. We're just friends. We can have dinner together at the film set. Mr. Brian is a good teacher. He is also the most important one in my life. So I have to respect him. "

"Yes. We may encounter many difficulties in our life, but we are lucky enough to be helped when we encounter difficulties. It is very common. And a gentleman

smile on her face, Albert couldn't help but slightly raise the corners of his mouth.

In fact, he had already known that Yana would be there, so he had asked John to make everything ready. Her dream was so passionate that he wouldn't break her wings with his own hands.

It was not until Yana got in Brian's car and drove away that Albert started his car and left.

After sending Yana to the hospital, Brian headed to the lux bar to report to his brother. Alas, as an elder brother, he really had a hard time!

It was at the same place in lux bar. Sitting there alone and shaking the enchanting liquid in the glass, Albert looked quite sad. As soon as he stepped into the lux bar, Brian couldn't help kicking him in the leg, and yelled, "Don't pretend to be a young and sophisticated man in front of me! You make me sick! "

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