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   Chapter 70

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4427

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"Thank you, Emily! " They smiled at each other and at this moment, there was a gentle knock on the door of the lounge. They looked up and saw Brian, who wore a handsome windbreaker, leaning against the door. He smiled at them and said, "Hey, beautiful women, are you ready? Are you interested in going the red carpet with me? "

"It's not an award ceremony. Why would we walk on the red carpet? " Emily smiled and took Yana's arm. The two girls held one of Brian's arms, and the three walked out with a smile.

On the stage where the Century Square was situated, the host was busy hosting the show. Suddenly, he saw the three of them come out, hand in hand. The host immediately started to introduce, "Next, welcome the three main characters of 'The wind and rain in Shanghai city'! Welcome, Mr. Brian! Welcome, Emily! Welcome, Yana! "

Three people were on the stage. Brian was in the middle, while Emily and Yana were standing beside him. "Let's introduce ourselves to the audience, please! "

"Hello, everyone. I'm Brian! In the play, Frank, the most handsome man on the Shanghai city shore, was played. "

"Wow... " The spectators all shouted, "Mr. Brian! Mr. Brian! Mr. Brian! "

Then Emily introduced herself, "Hello, everyone. I believe everyone is very familiar with me. I'm Emily! I played Wanda, a

anything wrong on her face, so he said, "We are only good friends. Although we are filming together, she is my type, but I'm not her type! Moreover, Yana is a very hardworking girl. I hope that everyone will pay more attention to her works in the future, instead of paying too much attention to her personal space. After all, she is just a girl less than 20 years old. Normally, she was in her teens and was under the care of her parents, but she didn't have the fortune to do that. She worked very hard to earn money to support her family. In fact, she was completely different from the rich girls in the play. Her life could only be done by herself, or she could only be starved to death! We didn't know her well before she took part in the shooting of this play, but after we spent more time with her, we will find that she is not a person who knows how to play tricks at all. "

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