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   Chapter 69

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4399

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"Okay. "

"Well, then I have to go on with my work. Bye. "

"Bye, Yana. "

"Okay, bye. " After hanging up, Yana sat on the bed staring at her phone. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Future brother-in-law? How could she know where Joe's future brother-in-law was! 'Albert... But Albert wouldn't be the one to wait. But she couldn't deny it now, because she knew that Joe was very happy. As long as he was happy, then let the lie keep spinning. Maybe she could explain it to him one day, but not now, really not!

Suddenly, her phone rang again. Wiping off the tears from her eyes, she unlocked her phone and found it was Mr. Henry. She took the phone back. At this point, Mr. Henry had already said, "Yana, are you free recently? I haven't seen you for a long time. "

"Nothing serious. Mr. Henry, what's wrong? "

"Here is the thing. Our TV series is about to advertise. I'd like to ask you if you will attend the party as a female supporting role. If you don't have time, forget it. "

"No, no, I have time. Tell me the time and I will be there in a hurry. "

"Okay. We're going to promote the premiere at the Century Square tomorrow. The reporters will come and interview us. I'll give you all the questions the reporters want to interview. You should commit it to memory, in case you can't answ

The doctor had bandaged my body. It still hurts, but it was nothing serious. I'm so sorry to make you worried. "

"Why should you feel sorry? We are all friends. It's normal for us to care about each other! Although people say that it is difficult to have true feelings in the entertainment circle, I believe we will be good friends. What do you think? "

"It's great that I am willing to make friends with you, the super superstar in Asia. Of course it's good. Why do you feel bad? But, Emily, don't you think that I'm just a newcomer and know nothing? "

"Anyone who started out will know everything? We had been working hard for so many years. Don't worry. You are still young. There are many opportunities ahead of you. Although we have only cooperated once, I have an intuition that you will become the most famous and excellent actor in A Country in the future! "

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