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   Chapter 68

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4331

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Is that so? Was Yana someone who was always pretending to be strong in front of him? Yes, it must be like this! He remembered he had asked her at the beginning why she would sell her body for money. She had answered it like nothing had happened, just for lack of money.

She had always been like this. She knew that it would be very difficult for her to carry it alone, but she still moved forward step by step with difficulty. Even though there were people who were willing to help her and share her pain, she refused without hesitation. If she had told him earlier that she had no money, so she had to sell herself to earn money for her brother's medical fees; if she had no connections, it would take a lot of time for her brother to receive treatment. Now he had known everything, but she still hid it from him, unwilling to let him reach out for help. 'Yana, are you so afraid of falling in love with me? Or are you so afraid of owing me one? Are you worried that I will use these to stop you from leaving? Huh!

"Albert, you are in a daze! " Joe suddenly smiled brightly. "Oh, why didn't my sister come here today? I transferred to the hospital yesterday, but she didn't come here. Was she really so busy? Didn't the TV series have been finished shooting? Why is she still so busy?

s what you like. He is the man who will accompany you to spend the rest of your life. You should be careful about him, "

"I know. And Joe, don't call him Albert in the future. Don't ask me why. I don't want him to think I'm a snob. So don't call him like that again, okay? "

"Okay, I know. " Even though he was not happy, Joe agreed, "What should I call him? "

"Just call him Mr. Albert, "

"Why do you call him that? You two are like strangers, aren't you? How about I call him Cheng? Yana? "

"Okay. Have a good rest. I will see you in a couple of days. You needed to eat well, sleep well and take good care of yourself. Don't fail to take good care of yourself without me around. Your body is very fragile. Be careful. Remember that you should not eat or touch anything that you are not allowed to eat. Don't make jokes about your body. Got it? "

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