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   Chapter 67

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4359

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"Okay. You are awesome! "

Moore raised his lips and smiled, "Are you going to see a doctor? I only check hearts. I don't care about other diseases. So please go out and turn left. You can go to the fourth floor now. I still have work to do. Please go out! "

"You are sick! I'm here to tell you that a patient came here yesterday, named Joe. It's your junior fellow student who introduced him, isn't it? "

"Yes. What's up? Do you know him? "

"No, I don't know him, but I know him well. No matter how much it will cost, you must cure him. "

"It seems that this person has a big relationship with you! I need to pay attention to it! After all, it's the first time that you ask me to help you. If I don't handle this well, I will be a bit sorry for my identity as your brother. Don't worry. He is handed over to me by you. I will definitely cure him. And I'll let him recover. It's just that I haven't seen that person yet. I haven't seen his body data yet. I have talked to Jack on the phone and he said that he seemed to be in very poor health, so I am not sure if he is really in good condition. "

"I understand. I just hope that Moore can try your best. " He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Then I'll go and have a look. "

"Okay, let's have breakfast together later. "


might have already died in a corner. No one knows, and no one will look at me. My sister is more important than my mother. My mother gave me the first life, but my sister gave me the second life. She took good care of me until now. My sister is really kind and she works very hard. In the future, you must be good to my sister, because her heart really can't bear the hurt one after another. I think if she were suffering any heavy blow, she would be very sad and she couldn't bear it. "

"Do you think your sister is easy to be hurt? "

"You are right. I have never seen my sister cry since she was born. She seemed to be really strong. But I know she is strong because she hasn't found someone to protect her. No woman wants to be strong enough to hold back her tears. If she didn't, she would be devastated. That's why she pretends not to cry or look so weak. "

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