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   Chapter 66

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4166

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"Of course! " In the whole C City, who could be smarter, more talented and richer than the Cheng's family? The Cheng's family started from Jacob Cheng, and came to be managed by Carter five years later. Then, it was taken over by Albert three years later. In the past thirty years, the Cheng's family had become the richest and most powerful family in C City under the management of them!

Looking at the proud expression on his face, Yana smiled. All of a sudden, it occurred to her that since the Cheng's family was so powerful in C City, they can get what they want. But why did his girlfriend leave him? And his love for that girl would last for a long time, but why? But the girl wasn't dead. Where did she go?

Yana's heart ached when she thought of that woman called Betty. She had been in his heart, and he couldn't forget her. Even if there was a better woman, she wouldn't have a higher position in his heart than her.

"Why do you stop talking? What are you thinking about? " All of a sudden, he raised her chin. Seeing that she was lowering her eyes and thinking about something, he felt displeased. He said, "Yana, how dare you be absent-minded in front of me and think about others, or anything else? You are too bold! "

clocked out and went into the hospital. When he was in F Area, he often came back to his office to do several operations a year, so he was not unfamiliar with the people here. On the way to his office, there were people greeting him. Even Moore smiled and responded to them, but he captured almost all the nurses in the hospital within an hour.

When Albert walked into Moore's office, he saw flowers all over the room. He couldn't help laughing at him and said, "I didn't expect you, a good nursing father with a wife, to be so charming! If Hannah knows about it, do you think she will be jealous and come to the hospital to keep an eye on you for 24 hours? You have so many female friends. I'm sure she will be unhappy with you. "

"Don't you think your sister-in-law is an reasonable woman? You really underestimated me! "

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