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   Chapter 65

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4338

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The next morning, when he woke up, the nurse was changing fresh dressing for Yana. The deep and black cuts on her body made his heart clench.

Frowning, Yana averted her gaze from the nurse. The pain was getting worse as if she had been stabbed into her bone. It hurt so much that she could hardly breathe. She managed to hold back her tears, but her hands clenched the sheet beneath her, blue veins standing out.

Standing on the bed and looking at Yana who was trying to hold back her pain, he frowned and said to the doctor, "Be careful, okay? She hurts! "

"Yes, Mr. Albert! "

He looked at Yana who was still suffering from acute pain, and then turned to the nurses who had turned down the dose of the medicine much more gently. He knew that it really hurt, no matter how gently the nurses had treated her. He felt that his heart was about to explode, but nothing could ease Yana's pain. Suddenly, he held her head tightly and kissed her soft lips again.

"Well HMM... " Hey, you bastard! There is somebody here! But Albert caught her mouth with his. She couldn't say anything, so she could only sob helplessly. The nurse who was just about to apply medicine to the wound was stunned by the scene, she didn't know what to do next.

John, Albert's assistant, thought to himself

with him. If you want, you can transfer your brother to his hospital. Then, he will be fine. "

"No, thank you. My brother was transferred to The Hospital of Dawn yesterday. There is a good doctor named Moore. He is one of Mr. Jack's senior doctors. He has already contacted with him, so I don't need your help. "

"…… Oh, really? That's great! " He then sneered and thought, 'It turns out that I was a little late. How could I still let others get ahead of me.

"But this is really strange! When I was an actress in a film set a few days ago, I met Brian who was good at acting, and now my brother was sick, then I met a doctor whose last name was Cheng. Before that, I met Mr. Albert who was good at doing business I find that all the talented people have something to do with your family. It seems that all the wise people have the family name of Cheng! "

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