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   Chapter 64

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Thinking of this, he felt warm in his heart. He nodded with a smile and said, "Okay, dad. Be careful on your way home. "

"Yes, I know. " Carter gave him another deep look before he left the office with the help of his assistant.

The elevator door slowly closed and then descended to the first floor. It was not until the first floor that he turned back to his office.

He sat in the place where Carter had sat before, and read the documents one by one carefully and then reviewed them one by one like Carter did. This time, he stayed up late all night and finally reviewed all the documents he had accumulated. After sitting for the whole afternoon, his body was a little sore. He stood up and stretched, standing in front of the French window and looking out into the darkness outside at night. The time on his watch reached eleven. He had stayed in the office for seven to eight hours and approved all the documents. 'Has Yana fallen asleep? 'He wondered

Thinking of Yana, Albert was in a bad mood. Thinking of that day, when he had been away from Betty five years ago, he could not help but feel chilly in his heart. He didn't understand why she suddenly left him without a word five years ago, when they loved each

feel the peace in his arms at this moment. Yana looked up at Albert's handsome face. Then, she stretched out her fine hand and gently drew his face.

When he was having a dream, he thought that someone was disturbing him. He turned around and held Yana tighter. With her legs between his legs, he mumbled, "Betty Stop it. I'm very tired. Let me have a good sleep. "

A shiver ran down Yana's spine. Betty, it's her! Who the hell is she? Was she the woman that he loved the most? The one he loved most in his life. But since they loved each other, why would they be apart? Since he loved her so much, why did he choose to get involved with other women? 'I'm so lucky that I haven't fallen in love with you, and I just like you

Thank you, and thank you anyway. Since you are so tired, go to sleep. Have a good sleep.

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