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   Chapter 63

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As he casually walked in with his suit jacket, he indeed saw Carter sitting at his desk. He was reading the documents on his desk one by one, without writing anything. Although more than twenty years had passed, and he was nearly fifty years old, time did not leave any trace on his face. He was still very handsome. If he was not disabled, many women would have approached him. It was a pity that even if Carter was physically healthy, no woman had the chance to approach him. Because he had fallen in love with another woman. Even if more than twenty years had passed, he would not have changed in his life!

Standing outside the office, he couldn't help but smile happily when he saw how serious Carter was. But soon he regained his composure. He walked in and sat down, with his feet hooked by the chair on the opposite side of the desk. He looked at Carter, with a half smile on his face, and said, "Dad, why are you here again? We have met each other more frequently these days. "

"What? You don't welcome me? " Carter cast a cold glance at him, and then threw the thick pile of documents in his hands in front of him. "Is this the cases you are working on as the president recently? Is that the way you treat your work? That's all you have. How can I rest assured? I've been here quite often in the past few da

t a man should have as a man from him. What do you think he can do in the future? "

"But Christine loves him! "

"That's because she doesn't know what love is! It will be too late for her to cry when she is hurt thoroughly by love! "

"So you are going to deal with Christine like what you did to me in the past? "

"If a relationship can be bought with money, then it is not love! " Carter looked at him coldly, snorted and said, "The engagement party this time is very big, and you are the most powerful one here, so you'll be responsible for the security of the engagement party. If Christine escape this time, I will ask you first! Well, if you are free, just go back for a meal. I heard from your mother that you suffered a serious illness recently. In the past five years, you seldom suffered such a serious illness. Work is important, but health is more important! "

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