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   Chapter 62

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But what could he do? The gene of his father and mother was very strong. Their eldest son, Davis and the second son, Moore, had very high IQ. Especially, Albert was more talented than him, but his third son, Brian, seemed to have inherited very bad genes. Every time they argued, he would always lose miserably! When he lived in Uncle Carter's home before, Albert and Christine often worked together to bully him. But now when he grew up, they still bullied him! Do you think he is a loser?

"Don't feel that it's unfair. You're a smart guy. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gotten so many degrees. What do you think? You are smart and you're not as abstract as your two elder brothers and one younger brother! "

"Damn it. How dare you humiliate me for this? "

Loren then laughed out loud and left, which made Brian even more morose.

Albert walked to Moore and toasted to him. Moore took a sip of wine and asked, "What happened? Why did you leave in the early morning without leaving any messages? I thought something terrible had happened! "

"Nothing serious. Don't be so worried about me. " He then added, "Moore, are you going to work in The Hospital of Dawn tomorrow? "

"Yeah, I have nothing to do at home, either. Let's go to the hospital and get familiar with t

us cardiologist in the world? If not, who else are we looking for? "

"Is this a sign of approval of my work? "

"Yes! " Smiling, he clinked glasses with Moore and drank the wine happily. 'Yana, since you don't want to owe me anything, I'll let you owe me more! 'He thought to himself! You will never be able to pay off your debts to me!

He gave a cold smile.

After the dinner, Albert went to the company to deal with some business. When he came back to the company, his secretary came over and said, "Boss, the old boss is in your office. He is very angry! "

"I see. All of you take care of your own work. I'll talk to the old boss and make him happy. "

"Okay. Be careful! " Everyone in the Ricky International knows that it's better not to offend the old boss than to offend the president! So the secretary left quickly after reporting.

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