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   Chapter 61

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4258

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Just like the empress, Hannah enjoyed the care and service from all the people. Fred made fun of her with a smile, "Hannah, don't you feel too comfortable living here? I don't think my brother-in-law will satisfy you so much, right? Didn't you cry that you wouldn't marry him? How do you feel now? "

When she thought of what she had done in the past, Hannah's face suddenly turned red. She grabbed an egg tart and threw it to Fred, shouting, "Fred, are you teasing me? "

With a smile, Fred took the egg tart and put it in his mouth, saying, "I'm telling the truth! Alas, at that time, in order not to marry Moore, you risked your life, jumping up and down, and our parents were shocked! How happy you are now! Other people are jealous of you! Speaking of this, well, Moore and Brian, do you think that now the relationship between Christine and Richie is similar to that between my sister and Moore? They were playmates in childhood and grew up together. They even slept in the same bed. Originally, they were a match made in the eyes of the adults. However, when they grew up, they scattered in all directions! Do you think that Christine and Richie will be like Moore and Hannah? "

"I don't think so! Because Christine and Hannah have different personalities


Albert gave them a gentle smile and then started to drink alone. Holding a glass of wine, Brian came over to Albert and asked, "Albert, why are you so unhappy today? Did Yana annoy you again? Let go of it. We have to please all women. A man who doesn't understand amorous feelings like you can only make others angry! "

"When did Yana become your woman? Huh? "

"Well Well It's just a slip of the tongue! She is our Yana, right? You care so much about her, yet you dare not say you like her. Even if you tell daddy and Mommy about it, no one will believe you! "

"Fuck off! "

"I'm your brother! Shit! You know how to respect a person who is senior to you? "

"If you want to ask me for help to eat food and shit from now on, I may respect you! "

"What I'm your brother! I'm your dearest brother! It really ticks me off! "

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