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   Chapter 59

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4349

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That was how it felt to be the closest kinship in the world. She would consider for him, and he would care about her feelings too Compared with his fame and prestige, Yana and Joe seemed to be happier, because they love each other and their strong family affection could not be cut off. However, he seemed to have nothing but money

"My sister really wants to go to Paris. Paris is an artistic city. She wants to finish her dream by studying in the university where she hasn't gone to yet. For so many years, she has been working hard for my dream. "

"Yana has always been a stupid girl. She has always been bullied, so you must protect her from being hurt by anyone in the future. "

"She is very easy to be satisfied. As long as you give her a small biscuit, she will be very happy and happy for a long time. "

"Yana is also a very hard-working person. She has never given up her dream. She said that her biggest dream is to move my novel into a big screen, but I know how difficult it is to realize this dream, but she won't give up. She doesn't want me to be sad, so she works very hard for it. "

"Mr. Albert, love my sister, OK? "

"Okay, I promise you! "

Outside the ward, leaning against the wall, Yana heard her brother's baffled words and couldn't help but burst into te

e me today! I'm so happy! "

Undoubtedly, Yana knew what the gift was. She put on a fake smile and said, "As long as you like it. I like the happy look on your face. "

"Yana, I was transferred to another hospital. It was Mr. Jack who transferred me. He said it was your wish. I'm in The Hospital of Dawn now. I like the environment here very much. But Yana, why should I be transferred? Didn't I get better in the former hospital? I really like Mr. Jack who treated me! "

"I know you like Mr. Jack, and I like him, too. But, my boy, you should know your physical condition. The doctor is famous. He's bound to cure your disease. Even Mr. Jack praised it. I believe there's definitely a chance! Joe, no matter how difficult it is, I hope you can hold on. I'll be with you. I'll always be there for you. You are my only hope. I don't know what to do without you! "

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