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   Chapter 55

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Albert seemed to have something on his mind and nodded. "Albert, as your brother, I admit that I am incompetent. We are brothers, but we feel estranged. I know you have a knot in your heart, but you have to understand it. Daddy and mommy didn't do it on purpose. They just had to do it. I believe that Uncle Carter and Aunt Bella have told you many times that you are really adopted by them. But that was because that Uncle Carter had been hurt many years ago and there had been a crisis in the relationship between Aunt Bella and him. Both of them thought that they would never have a child again, so as Uncle Carter's brother, daddy had to give you to Uncle Carter. The reason was simple, but he hoped that Uncle Carter could be able to have a child! Albert, I think that if I go through what happened in the past, you will also make the decision without hesitation! Our eldest brother is already like this. Could you stop being angry with your parents? I'm too weak for our eldest brother. I don't want them to suffer the pain of losing a baby. Don't cut their heart into pieces, please "

"Davis... He's still in a good condition, isn't he? "

"Davis' disease is different from others'. He has a gene mutation caused by the virus, which can't be cured by only medical skills. I've tried my best, but my current medical skills are

tor in People's Hospital of C City, who is working in the cardiology department. Is there anything that Yana is hiding from him? 'Yesterday, Yana and this man had a cup of coffee together. Did she feel so happy because her family's condition has taken a turn for the better? Right? But I know she can't like the man. But I could see the way that he looked at Yana. He must like Yana! This thought made him very uncomfortable!

"Hello, please help me check if there is a person named Yana in the hospital that Jack has been treating, or a family member of the patient called Yana. If you find anything, tell me immediately. "

"Yes, Mr. Albert! "

He hung up the phone and rubbed his aching forehead. Suddenly, it occurred to him that Yana seemed to have been scalded. He had been chatting with Moore, and thus ignored the matter! "Damn it! " He grabbed his coat, turned around and went out.

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