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   Chapter 54

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4470

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"Mr. Moore, Mrs. Hannah and Mr. Albert, dinner is ready! "

Aunt Lilly shouted in the dining room. It was not too late to have dinner. It happened that Moore and Hannah didn't have anything on the plane, and Albert walked out of the house angrily without eating anything. He was just hungry. The three of them walked to the table and sat down.

Aunt Lilly was an expert on cooking and it smells very tasty. Hannah said happily, "Thanks for your cooking, Aunt Lilly! Don't you know that I almost vomit at the food Moore cooked every day outside! Not neoteric at all! Moreover, Aunt Lilly's meal was the most delicious! I want two big bowls of rice tonight! "

Looking at Hannah affectionately, Moore said, "Aren't you afraid of getting fat after eating so much? You are pregnant now. So it's very easy to get fat! Do you want to suffer more after giving birth? "

"I don't care! That's your business! You have to promise me that I can not only eat a lot, but also be very thin. If my figure is out of shape, I will kill you! "

"What a tough life to have a shrewish wife! "Moore sighed Despite what he said, he was still considerate. He served his beloved wife a bowl of rice, and picked up some other dishes into her bowl.

Sitting aside and watching their sweet interactions, he looked at them enviously and calmly, wi

ed in drinking with me? "

"Will Hannah like you going back drunk? "

"It doesn't matter. We are home anyway. And sometimes we meet each other, it doesn't matter to drink a little. The worst result is that I'm forbidden to go to bed by your sister-in-law tonight. It's okay. Would you like to have some? This bottle of wine was made together by us in the cellar ten years ago, and I haven't been willing to drink it for so many years! "

After taking the bottle from Moore's hand, he put on a big smile on his face and said, "Don't you fear that our eldest brother will be mad at us when he sees the empty bottle? "

"It doesn't matter. If he wants to beat us, he should let us drink first! What's more, can't both of us defeat Davis? "

"Haha... " Albert poured two glasses of wine and handed one of them to Moore. The two sniffed at the same time and said, "It tastes good, right? "

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