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   Chapter 53

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4205

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Aunt Lilly said hurriedly, "Mrs. Hannah, please don't say that! You are carrying our baby of Cheng's family! Since you come back, just sit and rest. You don't need to do anything. Aunt Lilly will definitely take good care of you, Miss Alice and the little boy in your belly. "

"I certainly believe in Aunt Lilly's ability, otherwise she would not have raised the four young masters of the Cheng's family so strong and energetic! Then Aunt Lilly, let's go inside first. My leg hurts a little because I have stood for a long time! "

Aunt Lilly moved aside and said, "Well, I forgot it! Hurry up and get in! Go inside and have a rest. I'll ask the servants to prepare rooms. I'll prepare something delicious for you. Take a good rest after you're full! " Aunt Lilly led them into the house.

Moore put Alice on the sofa gently and helped Hannah sit on the sofa. Then he covered Alice with quilt again. Albert then sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. He turned on the TV and tried to lower the voice, but he couldn't watch the TV program with a peaceful mind.

It was an entertainment program. Moore smiled, "I didn't know my dearest brother likes watching this variety of show! When did you change your taste? You have changed a lot! Isn't it

ponsibility for his wife's life. So you'd better behave yourself. "

"Okay, I know. "

He hated to go back home because he was taught a lesson by these people who considered themselves polite and cultivated! After all, he was the only child in this family? Anyone could blame him for just a few words! It's better to stay at his home!

Thinking of his own home, Albert thought of Yana, the woman who had always been so cold to him! At the thought of it, he was very depressed! But when he thought of the fact that Yana was with another man during the day, he was boiling with rage, as if his stuff had been blanked by others. He felt so uncomfortable. He was not squeamish about cleanliness, but on his private belongings, if someone else came close to him without his permission, he would also feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable!

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