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   Chapter 52

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4395

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Albert arrived at the airport very soon. As soon as he entered the airport, he saw the three of them. The gene of the Cheng's family was excellent, so his family members were all handsome men and beautiful women. The wife of the second son of the Cheng's family was also a high-class lady in C City. She was beautiful, elegant and noble. Their little princess was also cute, and there was always a joy wherever he went. So the most crowded place was the right place!

As she expected, he managed to squeeze into the crowd regardless of his image, only to find that the family of three were playing cute again! Sitting on the bench, Moore and Hannah Fang watched Alice Cheng talking and laughing, which made the whole crowd burst into laughter. They all smiled happily

Speechless, he touched his forehead and looked at the little girl who was happily dancing in front of him with a bitter smile. Suddenly, the girl who was dancing saw the man who was watching them. She laughed and jumped to the man who was watching, "Uncle Albert, you are finally here! I'm waiting for you so long that my legs are sore! "

"Really? I'm so sorry, right? " He held the baby in his arms happily. They had been away for so many years and seldom came back. But she was his only niece. Although he had seen her only several

s and Mr. Moore. The atmosphere at home was getting more lively. She didn't expect that Mr. Albert would come back today! That's great!

"Mr. Albert, why do you come back? " Then Aunt Lilly saw Mr. Moore and Mrs. Hannah, and Alice Cheng, who was sitting in their arms and sleeping.

Moore smiled and hugged her out of the car. He said, "Aunt Lilly, you can only see Mr. Albert, but can't you see me? "

"Oh, Mr. Moore, Mrs. Hannah, why do you come back? That's great! Now our family is buzzing with excitement! Is she Miss. Alice? Did she fall asleep? I'll have the servants clean it up now. You can sit in the living room for a while. It won't take long. "

Hannah Fang walked out and said with a smile, "Aunt Lilly, we're back. It's all our fault that you can't sleep well tonight. I'm so sorry. If it weren't for my physical condition, I would have done it myself. "

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