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   Chapter 51

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 3994

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"No, I didn't. Don't talk nonsense! "

"Am I really talking nonsense? Then tell me who you were having coffee with in the cafe today? Don't tell me that it was my illusion or you are just friends! Who would drink coffee with their friends and laugh so happily? You have never been so happy in front of me? What's more, when you came back, you were still laughing happily and danced! 'Yana, have you ever been like this in front of me? ' Don't forget, I am your sponsor! I haven't dumped you. How can you keep seducing other men? How can you still have the energy to seduce another man before I feed you enough? "

"I didn't! I haven't done what you said. Don't frame me. Yes, I did meet someone else today, but don't I have the right to make friends? You are my sponsor now. But can't I have any other male friends besides you? And we just drank tea and chatted with each other. How could I seduce others? Don't sling mud at me, okay? And when you're tired of me, abandon me, can't you allow me to have someone I love and to be in a relationship with others? "

"It doesn't matter. You can't do that now! First you seduced my brother, and now someone else! Yana, I warn you. Don't eve

saw the number on the screen. It was his brother's. He pressed the button angrily and said, "Hey, say something! "

"Why are you so angry? How about I give you two cups of cool tea? "

"If you have something to say, say it. I'm not interested in talking nonsense with you! "

"Come to the airport, Alice, your sister-in-law and I have come back. They are now in the airport. Call Brian and he told me that he is busy with his filming. Are you available? "

"…… Wait! " Again, he hung up the phone, turned around the car and drove to the airport. To be honest, Davis and Moore had been away from home for many years. They were almost strangers to him, like his biological parents. But now that they had come back, should he treat them happily? He didn't know whether he could be happy or not.

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