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   Chapter 50

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4318

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"Oh, no, it's not the matter. It's my I want to buy you a cup of coffee alone! " Jack seemed a little shy. He rubbed his hands and said, "I just want to ask, Yana Do you have a boyfriend? In fact, I... I like you very much. If you... "

"Mr. Jack, you I'm actually I already have a boyfriend. "

"Are you lying to me? If you have a boyfriend, why has no one visited your brother after he stayed in hospital for so long? "

Yana thought for a while and said, "He... He is a president of a company and very busy. He even doesn't have time to call me. How could he have time to visit my brother? In fact, my family is very poor. If it weren't for my boyfriend, my brother wouldn't have received the medical fee in time and my career would have been doing very well. "

Jack frowned and said, "Will a man like this love you well? Or he is just a... "

"I love my boyfriend very much. He is handsome and gentle. He is just too busy. That's all. Mr. Jack, I really consider you as my brother, nothing else! I know that you really took good care of us these years, but love is different from family bond. I am still very young. I want to make more efforts for my own dream. Now I have good conditions and I want to grasp them more firmly. "

"I I know! " Jack's face darkened, but he

But tonight, Yana was very happy. She didn't realize that he was in a rage, so she continued to sing happily. Frowning, he stared at the woman in the kitchen. All of a sudden, his anger rose to a set. He threw his laptop on the sofa, strode towards the kitchen and grabbed Yana's hand. Then she turned around and looked at him, but to his surprise, Yana was grabbing the hot water in her hand. With his grip, she threw it all over his body. "What? "

Her hands were red with Yana's scream. Her tight jeans were also wet with hot water, but she couldn't get rid of them at the moment. As if he didn't see it, he dragged her to the living room. He threw her into the sofa, and then stepped forward. "Yana, who were you seducing today? Why are you so happy? Why? Why don't you give me a smile? Is it because I have spoiled you too much that you are freewheeling? "

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