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   Chapter 49

The Closer I Get to You By Xiao Ziyi Characters: 4137

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These days, Yana finally got the chance to relax. She went to the hospital to visit Joe almost every day. Seeing that he was in good spirit every day, Yana felt very happy. Yana filmed the trailers and fragments of this play on the film set and brought them to the hospital. Yana was so beautiful in the TV series, which made Joe very happy.

"Yana, you are the supporting actress now and your acting skill is so excellent. You will surely be famous after this play is broadcast! You will also be a super star then! Then I am the younger brother of the super star. How proud and honorable I am! Do you think you will be on a greater stage? "

"There will definitely be the chance! I will not only show you that I'm on a bigger stage, but also take photos of all your works. In this way, you will become the youngest famous writer in the world! Are you happy now? "

"Yes, I'm happy! "

"As you wish! Then I'll spend the rest time on studying your works. We can take a break together. I will talk to the director about this matter when I have a chance. If they can make a movie or a TV play, then I'm willing to work for free. Even if I have to do some odds jobs, I'm willing to work for them. "

"No, in my design, only my

come to see Joe. Thank you! "

"Don't mention it. It's what I should do! By the way, Yana, may I have the honor to have a cup of tea with you? "

"This one... " She hesitated. After all, she was a public figure now. She didn't want to cause unnecessary trouble. But Joe encouraged his sister, "Go ahead, Yana. Go ahead, Yana! Time for a date! "

"Joe, don't talk nonsense! " Then she turned to look at Jack and said, "All right. "

Hearing that Yana agreed, Jack was as happy as a little boy who just reached puberty. Then Yana left some words to Joe and walked out of the room with Jack, feeling worried about him.

They didn't go far, just having a cup of coffee in a caf é near the hospital. Yana sat opposite to Jack, looked at him and said, "Jack, what do you want to tell me? Or is my brother seriously ill? "

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