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   Chapter 48 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 4

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48 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 4

"Then how long can I eat? one month? two months? Some habits are not allowed to be cultivated. It's difficult to get rid of such habits once I have been used to it. So I must try to stop it before I get used to it. Otherwise, one day I will be punished for my greed. The fact is, if you keep eating the porridge for too long, you'll feel that a piece of steak that costs a few thousand dollars can't even hold a candle to the porridge. As for me, I can only eat the porridge for free, while the expensive steak can only occasionally satisfy my appetite. "

Without a word, he was at a loss for words. He had no idea what else to say. Clearly, he understood what she meant! But the uncomfortableness almost made him hit the wall! As Albert was about to lose his temper, Albert pulled over the car quickly. Before Yana could respond, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her ferociously.

"Well Hmm... " Yana was freaked out by his heated kiss before she could respond. His grip was too strong for her to break free. It was not until he was out of breath that he let go of Yana. He looked deeply into Yana's eyes and said, "As long as I don't say no, this game will never end! So, Yana, just accept your fate! If you mess with me, I won't let you off so easily! Besides, both your lips and

of Brian and Emily were going to be filmed. Frank and Wanda had been separated for many years. When they met again, they had become members of opponent organization. But Wanda fought against Frank at all costs to fulfill her task. At this moment, Frank finally realized who was the best person for him. At this moment, his life was hanging on a thread. Frank resolutely made a move. When she was lying in Frank's arms covered with blood, she smiled. In fact, she didn't tell Frank that she had no choice but to kill Cathy because she wanted to make Frank more determined to kill her at this life and death moment. Because she had made too many wrong things, which were unforgivable!

The ending was a very beautiful scene, full of cherry blossoms flying in the sky, and two figures overlapped, sad and euphemistic...

"Wrap! "

"Okay! "

His words set the whole set on fire.

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