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   Chapter 47 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 3

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47 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 3

"What? But... I've never sung before, but I've heard a lot. It's not necessary. "

"It doesn't matter. We are friends. If you sing badly, no one will laugh at you! If you're a good singer, I'll have you be the singer for the end of the movie. "

Yana hesitated for a moment, teeth gritted. "Okay. " Holding the microphone tightly in her hands, she chose a new song, which was called "Be happy for me".

Beautiful music sounded. Under the light, the microphone was held in Yana's hand. Her long hair cascaded to her shoulders. "I miss you as if it's the traveling in the opposite direction. This means that I can't go back to the past. I carry time and tears on my back. The opposite train is very crowded, full of memories. And I can't go on the lane with you. I miss you as if you were watching a movie with me. You are so familiar with the story that you even sobbed. The lead person thought he can work hard enough. That's enough. But in the end, both of your eyes turned red. Will you remember me? Are you as sad as me? How silly of his smile! How bright the sun was! He didn't even say a word in the picture, but he started again with pain. Maybe everyone did the same? I'm telling myself. Time says I'm silly. Are you fine now? Will you feel happy for me? Did he finish the phone call with you? Will you be happy? Even if I can't listen in, is it true? Are you happy? The only answer. I

you fail to hand in the work in time, I will ask for you! "

Yana thought to herself, nodding.

They didn't go out to have dinner until seven or eight o'clock in the evening. This might be a small party since they had no idea where Brian would go next time. After dinner, Fred, Loren and Brian went to play together again. Albert took Yana back to his apartment.

On their way, neither of them spoke a word. Maybe it was because of the bad mood that day. Suddenly, he added, "Why don't you eat anything that I bought today? Don't you like them? "

Taking a look at the bag beside her, Yana shook her head and said, "No, I don't think so. I just think it's too costly. A month ago, I was just a poor person who couldn't even solve a problem with food and clothing. Now, I'm flattered by the expensive food. So I want to keep it and taste it slowly. I'm not willing to eat it all. "

"You can tell me what you want to eat as long as you want! "

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