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   Chapter 46 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 2

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46 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 2

"Yana, you'd better know who you're talking to! You kicked my car and broke it. You haven't paid your debt yet. Are you going to offend me and stay with me all your life to pay your debt? "

"You... " Yana shook off her hands, then crossed her arms and sat aside. Brain looked around and sighed. He cupped his handsome face and sighed, "Oh, my life is so tough! I just want to have a meal with Albert. I didn't expect that I would be caught in two sides! "

With a frown, Albert started the engine and said, "If you want to go with me to grab some food, then don't talk too much nonsense! My car can only carry two people. And it has been overloaded. If you dare to make me angry, I will kick you down! "

"OK! " Brian could recognize the situation and shut his mouth decisively. Albert drove them to a club quickly. Fred and Loren were already waiting there.

As soon as Brian came in, he clapped enthusiastically with two handsome men. Then he sat in the middle of them and drank up. As soon as she stepped in, she turned around and wanted to go back. However, Albert grabbed her by the waist and dragged her into the club. He whispered in her ear, "You'd better not try to escape, or I'll have many ways to deal with you! "

Yana's bo


The famous star, Brian, had sung a song of his own, which was a very happy one. After singing it, he was soaked in sweat. The other people applauded repeatedly and praised, "No wonder you're the biggest one in Asia. You're good at acting and singing! "

Without shame, Brian threw the microphone and said, "What do you think? Fred, it's your turn! "

Then, Fred and Loren sang a song respectively. Both of them were good at singing. It was a pity that they didn't choose to be a singer! When Loren finished his song, he handed the microphone to Albert and said, "Mr. Albert, would you like to sing a song too? You haven't even touched the microphone for all these years since we got together! Sing one song. How about I choose one for you How about this song named ten years? "

"No, I'm not interested. Yana, please sing a song for us. "

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