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   Chapter 45 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 1

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45 Mr. Albert Get Jealous 1

Suddenly, Albert kicked over the chair that he was sitting on, frowning and saying nothing. Everyone was stunned. They didn't know why Albert had such a bad temper all of a sudden? Everyone stopped talking.

After realizing his impoliteness, he frowned and shot Yana an angry stare. Then he turned around and left. Yana was confused. 'Did I piss him off again? They had been too busy to film just now, but he always slowed down the shooting process. Why did he stare at her so angrily? What an inexplicable bad man! Humph! Who cares! ……

Throwing the script on the table angrily, Yana sat on the chair in a sulk. At this moment, Mr. Henry came up to Yana and said, "Yana, today's shooting is very good. We have finished today's part, so there is no need for you to continue the shooting. You can go back to have a rest now. You have worked so hard today. "

"Don't worry. It's my duty. Then If there is nothing else, I will leave now. " Then she went to pack her handbag. After that, she waved her hand at everyone and left with a smile.

Walking along the old-fashioned path, Yana saw the food from the Fragrance that Albert had bought today. Thinking that her brother hadn't eaten it yet, Yana decided to go to the hospital to visit her

na rolled her eyes at Albert. Finally she heeded his order and got in his car. "Tie the seat belt, "He demanded

Yana had to fasten her seat belt. When he was about to start the engine, a figure popped out from nowhere and hopped into the Lamborghini. The person patted on his shoulder with one hand and put the other on Yana's shoulder, sitting between them. Brian felt bored and smiled, "Haha, you are rich enough to drive a Lamborghini! It was such a comfortable car! I'm poor and I'm still driving a car worth millions! Yana, look at my brother. He's handsome and knows how to make money, and he's driving a sports car worth tens of millions. Don't you think he's perfect? "

Yana snorted, "If his temper and behavior can be better, just like you, it would be more perfect! Now I really want to know how his mother gave birth to such a weirdo! "

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