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   Chapter 44 Mr. Albert Came To Visit

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Updated: 2020-01-03 00:35

44 Mr. Albert Came To Visit 4

After fixing her make-up, she walked out of the bathroom in a hurry. She wore a long and thin gauze dress, her breasts looming. Her snow-white legs were very seductive under the gauze. As soon as she came out, he frowned. But he didn't say anything and continued to look at the laptop on his knees. It seemed that he was not bothered at all.

The setting was in the room of the hotel. There are the quaint bed with carvings, the white curtain, the dim light and the deep music, which made the room more beautiful. Brian was instructing them, with he dressed neatly. Seeing Yana walking in with a sexy dressing, he couldn't help letting out a whistle and smiled, "Wow, Yana, you are so beautiful today! I think the sexual intercourse between you and me will hit the headlines tomorrow! Are you excited? "

Yana blushed with shyness after hearing his words. She covered her chest with her hands and said shyly, "Mr. Brian, stop making fun of me. "

Looking at Yana's red face, Brian couldn't help bursting into laughter. However, a cold glance was cast towards him, which made him stop laughing out. He immediately turned his head away and went away as far as he could walk. It was time to film, so Brian came back.

Alas, he was such a loser. How could he be scared like this by his own brother! He really didn't know how Albert would fr

o look at Yana. She was now constantly drinking water to rinse the mouth. Her lips were really a little reddish. If she continued kissing, her mouth might be swollen. Feeling extremely depressed, he thought, 'Damn it! He swore to himself that if there was a chance, he would destroy Brian!

Mr. Henry shouted after ten minutes' rest. As Yana got up to shoot, she threw a glance at Albert on purpose. When they realized that their sight met together, she grimaced at him and then turned around to continue filming. The shooting went well this time, but considering that Albert was here, the two didn't dare to have a passionate bed scene. They just stopped at where it should stop, and Mr. Henry was satisfied with it. He let all the staff leave.

Hearing that Mr. Henry passed the examination, Yana heaved a sigh of relief. Today's event was finally over. She sat on her chair to cool herself down by using a fan.

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