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   Chapter 42 Mr. Albert Came To Visit 2

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42 Mr. Albert Came To Visit 2

Seeing the man in front of her drank up the wine in his hand without hesitation, Cathy smiled bitterly. She raised the wine glass and was about to drink it, but Frank took it away and drank it up again. Cathy watched the man in front of her drinking up the last drop of wine. Frank's beautiful collarbone was so attractive.

"Frank, I don't want to disgrace myself so I won't blame you. But I won't forgive you. We can take each other as a passer-by in the future! 'Frank, maybe I am not as important as Wanda in your heart, but no one will love you as I do! Frank, talk to me. Maybe we will never have a chance! "

"Okay, let's have a good chat. " Frank sat down and looked at the girl who was pretending to be happy, he was somewhat confused.

"Stop! Passed! Half an hour's rest. " Mr. Henry shouted loudly. Hearing this, Brian and Yana breathed a sigh of relief. They looked at each other, smiling. Then they went to their own seats. The assistants quickly brought some water for them, and Yana quickly picked up the script and carried it to start reciting lines. She began to prepare the mood swings they were going to have. Next, here was the most important part of the game. Yana was determined to finish this scene!

But not far away, Brian was taking a rest with his eyes closed. Suddenly, a commotion was heard

Henry called Albert Mr. Albert, called Brian Mr. Brian. Are they biological brothers? No wonder Brian would take good care of her when she was asked to work here by Albert. It turned out they were brothers... But they didn't look like each other at all? Brian was humorous and gentlemanly, but Albert was so bad...

But wasn't Albert adopted? No wonder he was so different from Brian! The only problem was why the Cheng's family left all their properties to Albert, but allowed Brian to be idling about filming? But how could the Expected Film Company be the property of Ricky International?

Puzzled, Yana turned to look at Albert. At this moment, Brian had woken up and Yana saw the two brothers chatting from a distance. Brian's face was covered with a smile, but the man in front of Brian was as cold as ice. From time to time, Brian looked at Yana, as if she was the topic they were talking about.

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