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   Chapter 41 Mr. Albert Came To Visit

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Updated: 2020-01-03 00:05

41 Mr. Albert Came To Visit 1

Yana put down the script with a smile, "I'm very satisfied to work with you and Mr. Brian. If I could work with Mr. Brian, he would certainly be able to drive me to act. But if I haven't learned to be an actress, I wouldn't make any great achievement in my career. It's my honor to be with you and Mr. Brian for this supporting role, but perhaps it won't be so lucky next time. I still have to learn to be mature so that I can go further in this circle. "

Emily gave Yana an approving look and said, "I didn't expect you to be such an ambitious girl! Generally speaking, girls would like to have a further relationship with Brian after they were involved in the gossip. In this way, they would less fight for at least a few years, but you are different. You didn't seize the opportunity and even didn't care about the gossip. Your calmness is rarely seen in the entertainment circle. "

"I think Emily is a good girl too. Many celebrities with a little fame would be harsh to their younger generations, but you are different. You give me the feeling of a big sister next door. At first, I was really worried that I might be scolded if I couldn't do it well. But now, I feel like I'm a member of a big family here! "

"Of course B

ny complaints about it at all! "

"Shut up! Please stop! If possible, I really hope that I have never seen you in my life! However But what could I do? Frank Liu, I can't forget you! I can't forget you! " Cathy held Frank Liu tightly, tears rolling down her face. "What should I do? Why do you treat me like this? Why do you treat me like this? Do you think Wanda Yin will be that previous girl after she has been away for so many years? She was not! Frank Liu, don't leave me! Please! "

"I'm sorry, Cathy. I really can't give up Wanda Yin... " Frank Liu let go of Cathy. Cathy's face bathed in tears, which made Frank Liu heartbroken. He picked up a glass of wine on the bar counter and said, "Cathy, I want to thank you for saving my life. Thank you for cultivating me these years. Thank you! " Then he drained a glass of wine in one gulp.

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