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   Chapter 39 Spoiled Albert 4

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Chapter 39 Spoiled Albert 4

The dinner was ready very soon. When Bella and Yana put all the dishes on the table, Albert stood up and walked over to sit down, while Bella served herself with a bowl of rice to have dinner together. Tonight's dinner was almost cooked by Bella, so he ate up all the vegetables without being particular about. And his appetite seemed to be very good. He ate two bowls of rice, cleaning up the table.

With a smile on her face, Bella said, "I told you to go home and have dinner with us. Why don't you listen to me? "

Wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, Albert replied with a smile, "It would be interesting to taste it only once in a while! Mom's cooking is so delicious! "

"Don't try to fool me! Don't be so picky about food in future. I have bought vegetables for you, and you should eat them every day. Yana is a good cook and you must be satisfied with what she cooked. If I know you don't like vegetables, I'll ask your father to invite you home! "

"Mom!" "I know. Don't call my father to come. Otherwise, I will get a headache, "he added He was never afraid of anyone except Carter! But he also liked Carter. Being arrogant and willful made him unable to feel the warmth of family. The best feeling was that there was a severe father and a mild mother!

"Then you can have a rest. I'm going back. "

"Let me drive you back. "


ouldn't control his impulse anymore. He rampaged inside her body and then took Yana into the sky with passion.

After Albert gave full vent to his sexual desire, Yana lay on his chest. She was dying. Her face was still flushing red, but the desire inside her body didn't recede. Embarrassed, Yana closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. Holding her in his arms, he took the script from her hands and glanced at it. However, when he read it, he would get pissed off immediately. "You are going to shoot the bed play tomorrow? "

"Yes. I don't know how to shoot and I have no experience at all! It was a big challenge for her. I'm so depressed. "

"So it's Brian who plays against you as an actor? "

"Yes. He's an old actor. I guess he'll probably take me in. I don't need to get through this one by one. If I can't finish filming one scene at one time, I will be depressed to death! "

He was very depressed now!

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